The future of energy is in the power of the people.

Giving power to the people - pun intended.

Everyday people make change through their choices. Every decision is a vote. A vote to support what that decision stands for. The time for personalised energy experiences is now.

Businesses don’t drive the world. Groups of people do. Groups who work toward achieving a common goal.  

The future is clear. At the heart of any priority is the idea that consumers, supported by technology and an array of new services, will drive outcomes. This couldn't be more relevant than it is today.

The power is in the hands of the consumers. The power is in the hands of the people. The time to make a change for a better future is now.

We started Sirius, by doing a tonne of research that has revealed that customer satisfaction levels in energy are falling, with trust and service standard indicators declining steeply. Most consumers do not believe they are getting value for money for energy. Consumers also don’t feel their interests are being heard, their power is reducing and the ability to make informed decisions and choice is limited - even though they are constantly being bombarded by power price deals.

The feedback is clear, people want to get better control of their energy costs, they want to reduce their carbon impact and they want their friends, work colleagues and neighbours to do the same. The increasing costs of electricity has placed pressure on some households and we know this is only going to continue as we see a greater number of home appliances demand more energy, from electric vehicles to heating and cooling systems and internet connected devices in our homes. The time for change is now. The time to put the power back in the consumers hand is now.

However, there is a huge appetite for new technology, there is a massive want for more information that is usable. Not just more information. People are smart, people want meaningful and insightful information, they don’t want to be sold to and thy don;t want data that needs to be deciphered. This made sense to us, because we are people also :)

We believe that consumer voice and consumer engagement is crucial to a better future. The energy market needs to ensure the voice of the consumer is heard and acted on. We believe that the flow of engagement should not be a single invoice pushed to the consumer once per month. Rather, a consistent dialogue which moves beyond the traditional energy consumer engagement model, it must be tailored, personalised and specific to the individual. Some people like a once per month touch point, with key information, some people like details, others like high level information, some people like to understand where their power comes from others don’t. There days of a one size fits all approach are over. The time for a unified personalised experience is here.  

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